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Kim Mendenhall

Southern Utah University
Assistant Professor
I have a particular love and passion for teaching. I feel honored to be able to teach students of all ages, each one bringing his/her own unique background, personality, culture, talents and strengths. Prior to teaching at the university level, I taught in secondary and elementary settings in the K-12 school system, whether in practicum, student teaching, or as a full-time teacher. My primary background is in special education, with a focus on inclusive service in general education classrooms where I've co-taught with some fabulous teachers. I'm a huge proponent of school-wide academic, behavioral, and social supports - an advocate for building "community" by coming together for the welfare of EVERY student. As I see it, building community is not just collaborating with other teachers (which is so very important!), but includes 1) establishing relationships with parents/family members of the students as well as the surrounding physical community, 2) learning about students' backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, 3) embracing and celebrating the unique similarities and differences of each student, 4) building a safe and culturally competent school, and 5) finding a way to meet the needs of each and every individual student in efforts to help him/her become successful!

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